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Natural beech furniture, in whitened beech colour, wall-mounted

  • Commodities: Beech
  • Colour: Whitened
  • Closed size: 65x102 cm
  • Open size: 105x102 cm
  • Packaged size: 67x105x15 cm
  • Surface treatment: Stained, varnished
  • Assembled: 100% ready made
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Additional colours:
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An open wall-mounted Butterfly Mirror is 105 cm wide and 102 cm tall. This is the minimum  space required on the wall. If you change your mind later and want a standing mirror, you can buy the matching set of supporting legs afterwards.  You may hang more than a hundred necklaces, rings and earrings on the wings. Keep them in one place and within reach!


It is an exclusive new product! The furniture which is a mirror and a jewellery box in one. It gives you the freedom to store your jewels and accessories as just you like it. All of your rings, bracelets, necklaces, wristwatches and earrings which have been lying around in your drawers can now be put in order. It provides maximum combinations for your jewellery and a uniquely individual decoration for your home. This is Butterfly Mirror!


Beech. It is native all over Europe, the nicest beech woods are found in the Alps and the Carpathians. There are also some beautiful beech forests in the Balcan and Dinarian Mountains as well as in the Pyrenees. In Hungary, bigger beech forests can be found in the Göcsej, Bakony, Pilis, Börzsöny, Mátra and Bükk mountains. Beech wood is yellowish with a tint of light greyish or pinkish colour. It is one of the most important materials in traditional Hungarian furniture-making because it is a commonly available type of furniture wood.  Beech is an extremely valuable type of wood, a very useful material for the furniture industry. It is one of the best types of wood for furniture – making because it can easily be pickled and lacquered without pretreatment. It is also easy to form, can be carved or peeled well. In addition, beech is easy to be steamed so it can be used in many different fields of furniture-making. It turns into reddish brown after steaming. Steamed beech furniture is stronger and more durable. It can also be easily bent while being steamed. It has excellent steadiness, hard and wear-proof  that is why it is primarily used in schools or for sports equipment. Its surface can be easily and nicely polished or treated. Beech is heavy hardwood, its fibres are usually straight and homogeneous. It is especially suitable for turnery and bending. It is one of the most widely used materials in furniture industry.

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